Design + Creative Consultation Services

If you’ve ever had a great idea, you know that it can be challenging to execute. Let's work together to bring your vision to life. 


Graphic Design

Branding - Logos, style guides, brand collateral
Print - Books, pamphlets, posters
Fun stuff - Buttons, stickers, illustrations, t-shirts

Have another idea? Contact me and let me know what you're looking for.

Price: Per project.


Creative Consultation

Whether you've got a great idea or just started a new business, let's work together to hone your creative vision.

How it works

  1. We'll meet to talk about your idea or specific need
  2. We'll create a roadmap of where you need to go
  3. We'll work together to help you accomplish your goals

My areas of expertise include:

Community building, creative events, and creating internal systems and processes within a startup. Have another idea or specific need? Contact me and tell me what you need help with.

Price: $60 per hour or priced per project.


Brainstorm Session

The best way to get something started is to get it out of your head and onto some paper. These sessions are focused for maximum impact. My process adjusts to your needs, but it all starts with an idea. We'll talk it through, identify the steps you'll need to take to make it happen, and then create Action Plan to bring your idea to fruition.

Price: $250 for 2.5 hour session and Action Plan



Have an idea and don't know what to do next? Let's grab a cuppa joe and hash it out. I'm here to listen, throw out some ideas, and to help you get started.

Price: $45 for (one) 45 min session

A few months back, when I was starting my new side project, I immediately thought of Jocelyn. She helped me organize my ideas when I didn’t know where to start. Within the hour or so when we met, we sat over coffee, and in that time she helped me think critically about what my goals were, why I started this project, and she gave me suggestions on how to achieve those goals. Even now, I know I can place my trust in her when I need someone to consult with or bounce ideas off of.
— George Smith (Coffee Session)
Jocelyn is a real pro. Intuitive, creative and responsive, with great aesthetic sensibility. She delivered a comprehensive package that I’ve implemented into all of our social media and printables.
— Milo/Featherburn (Graphic Design)
Jocelyn Park is a powerful positive force to have on your team. She can move quickly to get up to speed with a dynamic organization, see what you need and make it happen. I cannot wait until the next time I get to work with her.
— Michael Hoober, Founder/Director of the Lancaster International Short Film Festival