I am a designer and big picture thinker.


A designer for over ten years, my favorite projects have included branding, print design, and illustration. My design heroes include Swiss Typography and Paul Rand. Recently, community building has become an important part of my life, and over the past five years I’ve actively been making Lancaster a happier place. (With the help of an amazing team of people.)

This past year, I ventured in the world of Creative Consultation. I operate in a world of big and impossible ideas, and love making them come to life. There’s no idea too big, no idea too simple, or no problem too complicated to solve with the right people and the right tools.

I currently reside in Lancaster, PA, with aspirations to explore other cities and towns across the world. I am an avid traveler, writer, hiker, camper, horsewoman, and cat mom. I am also a believer in making the world a more accessible place for my fiancé and everyone else who has barriers to opportunity in this life.

If you need a positive force, an active listener, and a creative thinker in your life, feel free to connect with me.